CV – Mads Emil Dalsgaard

I am not currently actively looking for new work, but I’m always happy to talk. You can read my CV here, on Linkedin or download as PDF at the bottom of the page.

Full-stack digital marketing professional with international experience as a founder, manager and advisor.


In this role, I also had the pleasure of learning first-hand how to put together a team, most importantly learning my own limitations, hiring people who are smarter than me, and letting them excel with minimal oversight and maximum freedom to exceed expectations.

My team managed to grow the platform from launch to more than 6.000 investors in +30 countries investing more than €10m. I first joined Funderbeam as a marketing specialist, but was trusted the role of CMO after 4 months.

As Cofounder of TrunkBird, I was working with digital marketing, and value-creating partnerships. However, creating a project from scratch means working with everything from high-level strategy to fundraising to customer development.

My biggest learnings from running (and failing) a startup were to stay focused and keep a cool head even when everything is falling apart; asking for help; taking care of myself.

Responsible for developing, updating and maintaining external digital communication initiatives. This includes corporate blogging, updating social media channels and finding new ways of engaging existing and potential clients.

More experience: ma.dsemil.com/linkedin


The IT University of Copenhagen

I truly loved studying at the IT university. I felt like I wasn’t going to school, but to a building full of smart people teaching me amazing things. However, I caught the founder-bug, and had to make the difficult choice of dropping out and chasing my startup-dreams in Berlin.

I graduated from Copenhagen Business school studying Culture, Communications, Marketing and Branding. I was mainly focused in marketing and branding, but also found great value in studying culture which I have later been able to apply when living and working across different countries. Studying at CBS also gave me basic knowledge of economics from which I have since benefitted tremendously.

I received the honours of being awarded as Student of the Year and Valedictorian.


“Mads has certain depth that one needs to be CMO of a company with global ambitions. Besides being creative, he has one unique addition which not many marketing people have: the ability to introduce and manage processes.”
Kaidi Ruusalepp, Founder & CEO, Funderbeam


Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
SEO Technical
SEO Strategy
Email Marketing
CRM & Automation


Graphic design
Video editing
Motion Graphics


MS Office
Google Suite
Adobe CC
Final Cut
Apple Motion

For references, please see the PDF version of my CV.